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~Member Spotlight~ Marge Hulburt releases her New Book!

Posted by Dianne Keast EFT Practitoner on June 8, 2010 at 6:48 PM Comments comments (0)

Missoula Area Events Member Marge Hulburt releases her New Book! "Finding Eagle" A Journey into Modern-Day Shamanism

 Book Reading & Signing: Finding Eagle Book Reading & Signing -

Monday, June 28, 7:00-8:30 pm, Missoula County Public Library, 301 E. Main St.

Finding Eagle: A Journey into Modern-Day Shamanism by Marge Hulburt FINDING EAGLE is the true story of a scientist and mother who is plunged into depression after her family's move to suburban Washington, DC. As she realizes the depth of her plight — and her deep-seated fear of seeking help — a blue-jeaned shaman miraculously steps into her life. Thus begins her initiation as both patient and shamanic healer, reconnection with her mother who had passed away in her early childhood, and the discovery of the true purpose of her life.

This story of awakening will bring hope and insight to those who have struggled with depression, childhood loss, grief, or the sense that there is more to life than our ordinary day-to-day existence. Along the way, it offers an introduction to the ancient healing art of classical shamanism and its practice in today's world for personal and global healing.

What readers are saying...


COMING JUNE 28 Finding Eagle book cover TO PRE-ORDER Finding Eagle - $17.95 (plus shipping) 406-241-7260 or [email protected] 

2005-2010 Margery Hulburt


Posted by Dianne Keast EFT Practitoner on June 1, 2010 at 9:36 PM Comments comments (0)



33 different camps available!

Days are packed with hands on activitiesincluding outdoor discovery, learning, games, art projects, stories, andmore!  Each week's theme and activities are different but this year's camphighlights include: trips to the Bison Range and bird banding stations,opportunities to see osprey research up close, live animal programs, and plentyof time to learn how to use insect nets, binoculars, microscopes, fieldjournals, and aquatic insect sampling equipment! 

Oursummer camp instructors are experienced outdoor educators with backgrounds inrecreation, outdoor education, classroom teaching, and wilderness safety. Daily activities balance fun, creative expression, physical activity, andlearning to create an exciting program.


To learn more click on the website below:



~Member Spotlight~ Charles Lightwalker's Book " Operating a Holistic Enterprise; An Entrepreneur's Handbook"

Posted by Dianne Keast EFT Practitoner on May 25, 2010 at 5:59 PM Comments comments (0)

Our member Charles Lightwalker releases a new book titled " Operating a Holistic Enterprise : An Entrepreneur’s Handbook".



Charles has been a successful holistic practitioner in our area for many years, now he shares his wisdom about achieving this success with us.

Here is what he has to say about this work:

This book is an outgrowth of my workshops on operating a holistic enterprise. This expand edition is the results of numerous workshops on this subject, with many Reiki master, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructors, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and other holistic health care providers.


After many years as an Intuitive Business Counselor, counseling hundreds of business enterprises, I have come to the realization that a manual was necessary for the holistic practitioner.


Most holistic minded people get into their business to serve humanity, to help people on their path to wholeness, to wellness, to understanding what they need to maintain balance, harmony and health in their life.


I have been guided on this great journey of mine to be of service to those that need guidance, healing, and self-empowerment.


I would like to thank those that have helped me on this part of my journey of Intuitive business counseling; Ben Cabildo of ANANA, his wisdom has been of great help in understanding my role in the process of helping serve the holistic community and in forming the holistic chamber of commerce.

To Harvey Cain a friend, racquetball/tennis partner, he has given me the male perspective of the holistic business world, as he is one of the finest massage therapists I have ever known. To Bob King a dear friend a fellow holistic practitioner, for his wisdom and insight into the business of operating a partnership business with others. To Pam Albee who operates Shared Transitions, to Debra Eaglewoman an incredible shaman and friend.

To Serena LaSol my partner, wife, confidant and mother to our daughter Mayah. To Mayah LaSol for being the daughter that always reminds me that I am just Daddy, and keep me grounded. To all my apprentices who have crossed my path and have given to me so many wonderful experiences.

And to my Father, Eddie for his insight, love and wisdom.


This book is dedicated to all those who seek to serve the human race into seeking the highest good for all.

Charles Lightwalker, 2007, revised 2009

Missoula's Raven Digitalis; Local Pagan Author Releases His Latest Book

Posted by Dianne Keast EFT Practitoner on May 18, 2010 at 1:41 AM Comments comments (0)

If your into the Pagan seen, the Goth seen, paranormal stuff or the new age movement you won't want to miss this!



To mark the release of ‘Planetary Spells & Rituals’

May 24, Monday
SEPIA (SouthEast Paranormal Investigation Association) RVP
10pm-Midnite Eastern (9-11 Central, 8-10 Mountain, 7-9 Pacific)


VISIT www.ravendigitalis.com

Free Weekly Reiki Share + Reiki Level 1 (FRIDAYS)

Posted by Dianne Keast EFT Practitoner on May 14, 2010 at 1:27 AM Comments comments (0)

Free Reiki Share+ Beginners Training


 YOU MUST RSVP, if we do not get RSVPs

we will not be open.

Meeting Weekly @ Union Place Community Room, Missoula MT,

Look us up if you are in town, get specific directions when you RSVP.

Weekly Reiki Share / Beginners Training at Union Place Apts.
Community Room
(behind Target) on Great Northern Ave.

Drop in any time during this event, leave early if you need to, we try to make it easy for you to fit us into your life.
Be Sure To RSVP To Reserve a Comfy Cozy Recliner.

FRIDAYS, Start 5:30pm - Close around 9pm


(If you are not into learning Reiki but would like to act as a volunteer recipient of Reiki for our group please contact us.)

5:30ish ....Bring healthy food or drinks if you'd like to show up early and chat over a sack dinner.

Beginner Training starts around 6ish ( If you have never done Reiki before you may want to attend this part)

Reiki Sharing begins after 7PM (People with all levels of Reiki training share & take turns receiving Reiki)

Everything wraps up around 9--9:15PM

 (Free Event - Donations accepted but not required.)

SPACE IS LIMITED PLEASE RSVP @ [email protected] or call 1-800-809-0112

~ Member Spotlight~ Need a Yurt? Visit Shelter Designs LLC

Posted by Dianne Keast EFT Practitoner on May 12, 2010 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)

If you've never seen a yurt your in for a treat!


Not a house & not a tent a yurt is a cozy versatile shelterthat is pleasing to the eye with it's circular design .


ShelterDesigns LLC, based near the town of Troy Montana, builds yurts that are

sustainable, beautiful, high-quality and customized to your needs. These

naturally-constructed yurts are healthy, comfortable, eco-friendly and


And these folks don't just build them , they live in them so youknow they believe in what they are doing!


As someone who hasshopped around for yurts I can tell you that their prices are quite



(content & photos fromshelterdesigns.net)

Shelter Designs, LLC was founded on theprincipals of quality, beauty, affordability, and most importantly,


In 2000, they began hand-crafting and living in their yurts in the

Northern Rockies. The lessons that they have learned over this time have been

incorporated into each of their custom built yurts. The company prides

itself on building strong, durable structures with uncompromising

attention to detail.

A yurt consists of a round wall and a roof system that is freestanding using a tension ring at the wall and a compression ring where

the roof

rafters tie together. This is essentially a cone sitting on a cylinder.

Traditionally, yurts were used in central Asia by nomadic herding family

groups and tribes. These versatile structures have been around for at

least 2500 years. Recently the yurt (or “ger” as it is traditionally

called) has been imported to North America and Europe. Modern design

changes have been incorporated, such as steel fasteners and

architectural fabric coverings. This ancient design is still finding new

and innovative uses in the modern world.


Three types of yurtsare predominant in the world today. The fabric yurt, which Shelter

Designs builds, is a portable, fabric-covered yurt based on the

Mongolian ger. A frame-panel yurt is a permanent structure built of wood

with a yurt-style roof. Lastly, is the traditional ger from central

Asia. For more about Yurts visit the frequently asked questions page at

Shelter Designs HERE

Upcoming Events With

Shelter Designs Yurts

Hey neighbors! Come experience a Shelter Designs 20' Eco-Yurt at Localfest in Caras Park, Missoula

Montana, May 15th, 2010.

This new 20' Yurt will feature new fabric innovations including: an 8'

screened roll up wall section, and our new ProBalance roof. ProBalance

is a unique vinyl coated polyester with the look and feel of a natural

woven fabric. We are also un-vieling our newest design innovation, a

portable platform specifically engineered for yurts. These insulated,

modular flooring systems easily click together to fit any size yurt.

Localfest is a celebration of the vibrant local economy of Northwest Montana and is hosted by the Missoula Sustainable Business Council.

Learn more at sustainablebusinesscouncil.org



Shelter Designs LLC,

571 Old Hwy 2 N Troy,



Montana 59935 *

(406)295-4661 * [email protected]

~ Member Spotlight ~ Animal Wonders a Local Exotic Animal Outreach

Posted by Dianne Keast EFT Practitoner on May 12, 2010 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (0)


Animal Wonders a Local Exotic Animal Outreach; meet real animals & learn about wildlife, nature, and conservation.


Not a petting zoo or a circus, Animal Wonders of Missoula Montana rescues animals in need & educates the public through live animal presentations. We love the informative shows & the way children get excited about conservation when the meet a real animal.

Here is what they have to say about what they do:

(photos & content below from animalwonders.org)

Animal Wonders is a fully licensed and insured non-profit exotic animal outreach organization. We bring live animals into the classroom to teach about wildlife, nature, and conservation. Our animals also enjoy going to birthday parties, special events, churches, reunions, weddings, meet and greets, and anywhere else they might be able to educate and entertain the public and teach people about themselves.

The animals at Animal Wonders love people and love to teach. Their human caretakers love to teach and love animals. All in all, when the animals come to visit, everyone will be captivated by these creatures of our planet. The environment is so enriching kids won't even know they're learning. Adults might even find themselves raising their hand to ask that itching question. We have presentations to fit everyone's wants and needs. Come on in and learn about our Organization and meet our animal residents.

Animal Wonders, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, was founded by Jessi Knudsen and Augusto Castaneda in August 2008 to fulfill their dream of sharing the wonders of wildlife with the public. The animal center is nestled in the forest outside Missoula, Montana. The animals who are currently residing at Animal Wonders share the breathtaking scenery and natural surroundings. Most of the animal residents were displaced from their homes and adopted by Animal Wonders. Others were illegally owned and needed to be placed with Animal Wonders where they could live legally.


Animal Wonders has several objectives. The primary objective is to provide our animal residents with a life-long home. Each and every animal is treated with the respect owed to them. The animal residents are provided with the specific requirements of their species. They also receive behavioral enrichment to stimulate their body and mind.

The second objective of Animal Wonders is to spread knowledge and respect for wildlife, whether native or exotic. By providing live animal presentations, Animal Wonders allows people to catch a glimpse of what makes animals so amazing.

Animal Wonders is located in western Montana. We give presentations in Missoula and surrounding counties. Send us an email or give us a call to schedule your presentation now! We have themed shows or we can arrange one to fit your needs. Don't hesitate to ask.Our presentations focus on education first, and entertainment second. Though the audience will be having a blast they will inadvertently learn a thing or two in the process.


The final objective of Animal Wonders is to support and promote conservation efforts locally, nationally, and internationally. If you would like to help too, see our How To Help page.Jessi Knudsen and Augusto Castaneda dedicate their lives to these causes. They have spent years gaining the knowledge and experience required to care for and train these amazing animals. The experience and knowledge of the Board of Directors keeps Animals Wonders at the forefront of education and animal care.


Contact [email protected]


~ Member Spotlight ~ Urban Herbs by Lori, Local Fresh Herbs Grown With Love

Posted by Dianne Keast EFT Practitoner on May 12, 2010 at 2:11 AM Comments comments (0)

A passion for growing herbs is blooming into a dream come true for our member Lori Elliott of Urban Herbs in Missoula.

Urban Herbs has recently expanded to 1/2 acre of garden space for growing over 100 species of traditionally medicinal tea herbs and about 40 culinary herbs.Urban Herbs grows and harvest outdoors so the herbs are organically home grown.



Lori's dream is to have an acre u-pick herb park when she retires from her "real job". She hand picks the herbs & dries them naturally using both the ariel parts whole and the hand crushed leaves in herb-craft products that she sells during winter. Urban Herbs hopes to serve mainly the local market and offers mail orders January through April .



Some of the herb-craft items from Urban Herbs include: culinary pinching baskets and blends, herb tributes, "in the Raw" teas and tea blends, and aromatic balls.


Here is what Lori has to say about her joyful dream:

I'm doing it! Who would have thought that growing some companion plants for my vegie garden about 20 years ago in Spokane, WA would turn into a half acre (so far) herb park in Missoula, Mt!

Back in Spokane, I was directed to get some info from the State AG Association to answer some questions on growing healthy plants organically in the shorter growing season of the Inland Northwest. Some of the plants listed were traditionally medicinal herbs...and we're off! I was intrigued when I got some books on herbs that include the folklore, research and history of herbology. I thought,"I'm going to grow some things that help my family health issues." One of the listed sources in my first book was The Herb Farm in Carnation, WA, so I started buying their organic herb starts and seeds and making my own little garden.

By the time we moved to Missoula, my husband thought I was nuts to move 135 buckets of perennial herbs with me...everything from nerve tonics to resperatory help species.You see, we didn't need all those herbs for our personal use, but I was having so much fun making dried herb teas and crafts and selling at local craft fairs, I couldn't quit! I even got some info from a neice of a Medicine man of a local tribe that got me thinking and learning more. I really believe that God put plants in each area of the earth to benefit the inhabitants in that locale.

Now, I have added as many local species to my garden as I can. All this is happening during my "spare" time since I work full time as a hair stylist Mon. - Fri. I am not an herbalist, but an herb enthusiast just learning and growing as I go.Some day, when I get to retire from my profession, I want to have a full acre U-Pick Herb Park where people can come to pick fresh herbs in a beautiful setting and learn how to incorporate both culinary and traditionally medicinal herbs into a quality lifestyle during our growing season as well as dried herbs out of season. Each year, I take another baby step in my dream as time and materials allow. This season, I have 4 u-pick days planned and a possible Pesto Party TBA if crops and weather allow. Grow with me and enjoy the fruits of my labor! 


If you love fresh and freshly dried herbs visit Lori's Profile HERE or give her a call at 549-2465 or 529-3714.

Join Lori For U-Pick Days!June 12, July 10th, Aug 14 , & Sept 11th.

Harvest your own fresh herbs!Bring your gloves and shears and I'll provide the rest! I'll teach you what's what, what it's good for, and how to harvest it. Choose from over 100 tea herbs and 45 culinary herbs.

The cost is $7 for a big gallon freezer bag of fresh herbs.

Start Time:9:00 AM End Time:5:00 PMUrban Herbs11735 Mallard Ct.Missoula, MT 59808





(Note: If you would like to be the subject of one of our blog articles please contact me with your info. & photos @ Dianne @ [email protected])



~ Member Spotlight ~ Local Band "Cabin Fever" A High Energy Variety Cover Band (Missoula Montana)

Posted by Dianne Keast EFT Practitoner on May 12, 2010 at 1:56 AM Comments comments (0)


It's all about having fun.

Cabin Fever is a very entertaining, high energy variety cover band.

Their customers always have a great time because "Cabin Fever" is having fun and having a great time with them. This band loves to share music they have as much fun as the audience.

Their Music covers genres of 70's 80's and 90's rock and classic rock, country (classic and new, mostly new), pop and modern rock, a bit of Motown, funk and blues.

Cabin Fever's Music is ear pleasing and dance-able. Because the songs are all recognizable crowd participation and interaction gets everyone up and dancing.

Whatever your venue; Company Parties, Weddings, Special Events, Fund Raisers, Conferences, Holiday Parties, Summer Picnics, Birthdays, Corporate Events, this band will do the job and do it well.

For a small fee they, will actually learn up to 4 songs for any event, especially weddings.

Visit Drummer Mark Sollars's Page For contact Info 

Their professionalism, customer service and satisfaction makes Cabin Fever a pleasure to work with, ensuring a worry free experience.

All this and more makes this Band one of Montana's most sought after acts.



Members: Amber Lorenz - Vocals, Emmett Roney - Guitar, Dale Tracer - Bass Guitar & Vocals, Mark Sollars - Drums